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1M1 Hiatus

Thank you to our many supporters and for your years of custom. Especially the keen interest in soundtrack recordings you brought to our site.

Due to the decline of CD sales, the emergence of streaming and internet radio, combined with the success of paid downloads and MP3 stores like iTunes... we have decided to cease the sale of CDs for the foreseeable future.

Our licencing commitments, do not allow us offer these services and it is doubtful we could compete in such markets.

Any outstanding orders placed with 1M1 that have not been charged, will not be fulfilled. We apologise for the delay and any disappointment. Please check your credit card statements to see if this applies to your order. To those that have been charged, we will be in touch via email to verify delivery and complete your purchase.

It is our hope that (like LPs) one day our remaining stock will once again become sort for items and thus worth the cost of sales, warehousing and delivery. Until that day, we must say thank you and goodnight.