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October, 2002

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Welcome to 1M1 Records' October newsletter.

1M1 Records' newest CD is the previously unreleased complete score by Bill Conti for "The Coolangatta Gold". It contains more than a dozen new cues of Conti's score, as well as extended pieces of music that were cut down on the first soundtrack release. There is more information below about this release, and at "The Coolangatta Gold" page.

Last month was the double film score CD: Bruce Smeaton and Brian May's scores for "THE GREAT MACARTHY" and "THE TRUE STORY OF ESKIMO NELL". Those who have liked the music of Bruce Smeaton and Brian May have the chance to add these rare scores to their collection. Each composer reveals a lot of the styles and elements that have been common in the majority of their work. For Brian May, this was an opportunity he took with both hands to write in the "western" genre.

The following release, in December, by 1M1 Records will feature two Bruce Smeaton scores which have never been released before on any format.

There are also four other new releases to the 1M1 website this month: a couple of successful oldies, and 2 recent Australian films: "Love Serenade", "Muriel's Wedding", "Passion" and "Chopper".

Next month there are some other additional Australian soundtracks being added to the site including the score to a brilliant new film currently screening around Australia. More about that next month.

Both Australian scores put up on the site last month, "Tracks of Glory" and "Lightning Jack", by Bruce Rowland, have sold out and are not available presently. There are, however, some more secondhand additions to that section this month.

Those items mentioned briefly here are described in more detail in the sections below.

Last month, unfortunately, international postage charges rose in Australia, causing an AUS$0.50 rise on all postage from October onwards. We were only able to keep things as they were until the end of September.

We look forward to seeing you back here for next month's newsletter. Thanks for your continued support.

Your feedback is always welcome. info@1m1.com.au

Philip Powers.

October New Release

"The Coolangatta Gold" was released in 1984, along with an LP, which featured mainly pop/rock songs, and just 6 tracks of music by Bill Conti. There is approximately 40 minutes of previously unreleased music by Bill Conti on this 1M1 Records new release. The CD totals over 78 minutes of music, with many bonus tracks, and expanded tracks.

Bill Conti wrote this exhilarating score for the film "The Coolangatta Gold" in 1984. The large symphonic orchestra performs a similar role in the film as Conti's underrated action score in the Sylvester Stallone film about POWs and football, "Victory" (aka. "Escape to Victory"), the triumphant orchestral music of "The Karate Kid" and "The Right Stuff", and the fanfares of the "Rocky" series.

At the very time Bill Conti won the Oscar® for "The Right Stuff", Australia's biggest budget film ever was in production. Conti's aggressive, dashing, and triumphant orchestral style was exactly what the filmmakers wanted for this prestigious film, featuring many race and action sequences.

His musical approach to competition, such as featured in the climactic ballet scene in "Slow Dancing in the Big City", convinced the producers that Conti was the composer they wanted for their new film about people pushing themselves beyond normal physical limits.

In September 1984, he recorded the main orchestral sequences in Australia at the Sydney Town Hall and the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. The score has been almost totally forgotten over the years, with only a few tracks by Bill Conti released amongst numerous pop songs on an LP at the time.

The original majesty of his music for this film has been buried away, and forgotten, for so many years. Nearly two decades later, the original recordings have been located, and most of the neglected and flaking tapes have now been fully restored. Some of the tapes, however, were damaged - due to the aging process - beyond the current technology for satisfactory restoration. Some cues, therefore have been placed out of order, but have still been included on the CD for those who would like to have Bill Conti's score in its entirety.

Conti's music captures the feverish excitement of the early Iron Man races, athletes training and the long triathlon race, which is the climax of the film. Full of brass fanfares, swirling woodwinds and rhapsodic strings, there is also an expanded percussion section including several timpani and snare drums, and crashing cymbals. There are also many tracks underscoring the emotional relationships between the characters in the film, and the tensions involved, which have never been released before.

One of Conti's most delicately beautiful love themes is not in the final film, but is included on this CD (Track 10).

We have also included alternate versions of some of the action cues which were written for the film, as well as Conti's rearrangements of some of the musical themes and cues, extended cues which have not been previously released including the "Prelude" to "The Big Race" and the "Finale" from the end titles, as well as extended cues which were cut down for the final-release-edit of the film (Tracks 13, 14, and 15).


Recent Soundtrack Additions to the Websi

This month there are also four new releases to the More Soundtracks page. "Love Serenade" was a very successful 1996 film by Shirley Barrett, which won the prestigious Camera D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The story about two sisters and their infatuation with a disc jockey who moves in next door was a critics favourite. The song-based soundtrack was an essential component at the very core of the film. Even more so, "Muriel's Wedding" was incomplete without its revival-inducing collection of 70s hit songs. It became a huge hit particularly in Australia, but also in other parts of the globe. Filled out with arrangements and scoring by Peter Best, this was one of the best-selling Australian soundtracks of all time.

"Passion", a biography drama about Percy Grainger, may have missed out at the box office, but was musically overseen by Alan John, with arrangements of many of Grainger's best known works and melodies. "Chopper", with a score by Mick Harvey, was a big success, gaining adulation for its gritty nature, and propelling star Eric Bana to international acclaim: but beware, as every second track of the CD has sequences of dialogue, not scoring, which is not listed on the CD itself.

This month in the secondhand section we have several new additions as well.

The 1M1 Records Website

Current Releases; which are still being manufactured.


More Soundtracks; previously released titles which are still available, including titles previously released by 1M1 Records which are no longer being manufactured, and brand new CDs of other soundtracks which 1M1 has in its stocks. This month we have added several recent Australian soundtracks, including "Muriel's Wedding", "Love Serenade", "Passion" and "Chopper". A range of Bruce Smeaton, Mario Millo and Brian May scores are available. Several scores by Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone, Trevor Jones, Cliff Eidelman, Georges Delerue, Leonard Rosenman and Bruce Broughton are also available here.


Collectors Items; rare 1M1 CDs priced in the premium range because of the difficulty in sourcing them. There are also rare 1M1 CDs like "Devil in the Flesh / We of the Never Never", "Roadgames / Patrick", "Race for the Yankee Zephyr / The Survivor" and "Harlequin / The Day After Halloween". These are items which have very few soundtracks left in stock and are quite unlikely to become available again in the foreseeable future.


Secondhand Titles; soundtrack releases from anywhere in the world which 1M1 currently has in stock, including "Apt Pupil" by John Ottman, "Air Bud" by Brahm Wenger, Joel McNeely's uplifting (and forgotten) score for "Flipper" and Howard Shore's moody score for the mind-altering David Cronenberg film, "eXistenZ".


New and Upcoming Releases


"Summerfield" (Bruce Smeaton) and "Eliza Fraser" (Bruce Smeaton) will be 1M1 Records' next release after this October release of "The Coolangatta Gold".

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