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The Interview
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: D31903
Composer: David Hirschfelder
Price: Deleted
The Interview
Composer: David Hirschfelder
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Michael Caton, Aaron Jeffrey
Directed by: Craig Monahan


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Track Listing: 1.  The Interview (Main Theme) 8.10
2.  Can Somebody Please Help Me? 3.00
3.  Who Are You 3.00
4.  I Need This Checked 2.04
5.  Looks Like a Lot Success 3.29
6.  I Can Eat While I Talk 7.23
7.  There Goes Your Man 7.29
8.  I'm No Killer 2.23
9.  The Accuser Becomes the Accused 2.23
10.  Eddie's Theme 3.47

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