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Second Time Lucky
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CD Code: 1M1CD1016
Composer: Garry McDonald / Laurie Stone
Price: Deleted
Second Time Lucky
Composer: Garry McDonald / Laurie Stone
Conductor: Garry McDonald
Starring: Dianne Franklin, Roger Wilson, Robert Helpmann and Robert Morley
Directed by: Michael Anderson
Film Notes: Michael Anderson also directed the Oscar-winning "Around the World in 80 Days" 


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Heaven 1.54
2.  Adam is chosen / Romp in Eden / Eve meets the snake 5.59
3.  First night in Eden 2.31
4.  Adam and Eve bite the Apple 5.18
5.  Adameus enters Rome 1.53
6.  The orgy 1.56
7.  Nuptual couch 2.56
8.  War 2.32
9.  The race, the Germans and the good guy 1.21
10.  Visit in the cell / Execution and Victory 4.39
11.  The Bust 1.46
12.  Adam rejects Evie 2.41
13.  Adam and Eve after the rehearsal 2.10
14.  Eve dies / Divine Intervention / The door and the apple 4.07


Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone take a musical trip through different eras of time as Adam and Eve are locked in a struggle between God and the Devil for their souls. A 55-piece orchestra and a 20-piece choir support their journey through different times in human history. 

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