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CD Code: 1M1CD1020
Composer: Carl Vine
Price: Deleted
beDevil (1993)
Composer: Carl Vine
Conductor: Carl Vine
Starring: Lex Marinos, Tracey Moffatt and Diana Davidson
Directed by: Tracey Moffatt


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Track Listing: Mr Chuck
1.  Title Sequence 1.40
2.  The Swamp 2.58
3.  Young Danny Robs the Shop 2.11
4.  Harmless Island Travelogue 1.27
5.  Dangerous Island Travelogue 1.05
6.  Young Danny Goes to the Cinema 1.02
7.  Young Danny Wrecks the Cinema 1.50
8.  The G.I. Revealed 1.50
Choo Choo Choo Choo
9.  The Spirits 0.38
10.  Ghost Train 0.58
11.  Haunted Kangaroo Hunt 1.16
12.  Haunted Spirits 2.14
13.  Train of Terror 1.06
Lovin' the Spin I'm In
14.  Imelda & Minnie's Stories 3.27
15.  Spiro's Story 1.13
16.  Minnie & Beba Appear 2.06
17.  Imelda's Nightmare 1.16
18.  Frieda's Story 1.04
19.  Minnie & Beba Dance 2.08
20.  The Nightmare Ends 0.51
21.  End Titles 3.46


Nominated for Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) 1993 Awards' Best Soundtrack Recording.

One of Australia's most famous classical and symphonic composers of contemporay music, was commissioned to write the music for beDevil. Carl Vine, composer of 5 symphonies, numerous ballets and orchestral works, quartets, concertos and sonatas, was chosen for his unique ability to blend many different styles and sounds into a musical fabric which could support a film of ghost stories about Australians, past and present. Playful at times, eerie at times, and sometimes even full of passion, the score moves between many different places and moods in one the most original and offbeat Australian films ever made.

Director Tracey Moffatt wrote of this score: "Carl Vine can place the most perfect notes in its perfect place. He is the film director composers dream of. After hearing the opening credit piece for the first time, I stuttered, 't.t.that's great', and then began to shake - yes - from excitement; but it was really from the shock of having experienced something entirely new!"

Notes by Philip Powers 1993

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