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CD Code: 1M1CD1003
Composer: Brian May
Price: Deleted
Composer: Brian May
Conductor: Brian May
Starring: Chantal Contouri, Max Phipps, Henry Silva, Rod Mullinar, David Hemmings
Directed by: Rod Hardy


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Track Listing: 1.  Main Title 3.26
2.  Someone's Watching 1.27
3.  Full Cream Blood / The Brotherhood 4.05
4.  The Blood Farm 3.07
5.  Kate Escapes 3.56
6.  Vampire Ceremony 2.23
7.  Injected 2.39
8.  Kate Hallucinates 2.40
9.  Blood Shower / Kate as a Child 2.33
10.  Evil Forces 1.50
11.  Kate Gives In 2.14
12.  Initiation Ceremony 3.57
13.  Kate Thirsts 1.15
14.  Dr Fraser Helps / End Titles 6.03


Brian May wrote this spine-tingling score for a 1979 film that has hardly been heard of outside of Horror Film Festivals and film school clubs, and yet has not only some good horror moments, but some rather edgy, suspenseful scenes as well and very good performances by David Hemmings and Chantal Contouri. Brian May's score, including a choir which moves from eerie and etheral, to chanting whispers like worshippers of the devil, is cleverly devised.

A small orchestra, of a few dozen players, builds palpable suspense and tension. For fans of Brian May, this is a definite 'must' to add to the collection; and for those who like film music in the fantasy genre, it will no doubt be enjoyed as well, in the style of scores like Pino Donaggio for films like Piranha and The Howling, and the numerous eerie horror scores Ennio Morricone has written. This score stands in its own right, however, when compared with other scores in the genre, and the film itself was directed by Rod Hardy who in recent years has become better known for directing some of the more unusual and stylised episodes of The X-Files.

Leonard Maltin may not have realised the effectiveness of the score to the film's success, but it is in large part to Brian May's music that he was able to write, "Strange, stylish, thoroughly chilling tale of secret society trying to brainwash Contouri and transform her into a baroness-vampire. Minimum of plot and characterization but maximum suspense in this well-directed shocker."

- Philip Powers

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