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The Caterpillar Wish
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CD Code: CAT001
Composer: Burkhard Dallwitz
Price: Deleted
The Caterpillar Wish (2006)
Composer: Burkhard Dallwitz
Starring: Victoria Thaine, Wendy Hughes, Robert Mammone, Bruce Myles, Susie Porter and Philip Quast
Directed by: Sandra Sciberras
Film Notes: Susie Porter won the 2006 AFI Award for Best Supporting Actor, and the film received the 2006 IF Award for Best Production Design. 


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Main Titles
2.  A Town Full of Secrets
3.  White Sky (Chloe Hall)
4.  Emily's Search Begins
5.  Haunted by the Past
6.  The Hermitage
7.  If You Wanna be Mine
8.  Past and Present
9.  A Secret Love
10.  Despair
11.  Silent Fury
12.  Beautiful Excuse
13.  Shadowing Carl
14.  The Accident
15.  The Simple Truth
16.  All or Nothing (Chloe Hall)
17.  The Caterpillar Wish (End Titles)

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