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CD Code: 094636947525
Composer: Paul Kelly
Price: Deleted
Jindabyne (2006)
Composer: Paul Kelly
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Debbora-Lee Furness, John Howard, Leah Purcell and Alice Garner
Directed by: Ray Lawrence
Production Notes: 2006 AFI Award Nomination for Best Original Music Score. 
Film Notes: Nominated for 9 AFI Awards (2006). 


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  The Rocks
2.  Jindabyne Fair
3.  Body Drop
4.  Claire on the Road
5.  Mirror
6.  Morning Fishing
7.  Stewart and Claire
8.  Power Lines
9.  Nukkanya
10.  Night River
11.  So Soft
12.  Going to Susan's
13.  Welcome Dance
14.  They Way That I Love You
15.  The Humming Way
16.  Troitsa Bratya
17.  Everything's Turning to White (Paul Kelly - Bonus Track)

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