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Sydney Brass plays Stanhope
Sydney Brass plays Stanhope: Compositions for Brass
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CD Code: SB2008TP199
Composer: David Stanhope
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Track Listing: 1.  The Australian Fanfare [for 9 trumpets] 1:22
2.  Olympic Fireworks 4:28
3.  Folksong For Brass Quintet [The Jolly Sailor] 1:44
4.  Folksong For Brass Quintet [Rufford Park Poachers] 3:01
5.  Folksong For Brass Quintet [Creepin' Jane] 2:44
6.  Ceremonial Fanfare I 2:16
7.  Ceremonial Fanfare II 5:04
8.  Ceremonial Fanfare III 2:56
9.  Concert Studies [Interval Study] 2:35
10.  Concert Studies [Tremolo Study] 1:26
11.  Concert Studies [Lullaby] 4:02
12.  Concert Studies [Tarantella] 3:08
13.  The Jolly Sailor 1:53
14.  Lovely Joan 4:58
15.  Lord Bateman 4:19
16.  Little Ripper March 3:19
17.  End Piece 6:14
Archive Recordings, David Stanhope (Horn)
18.  Horn player's Retreat 2:16
19.  Horn player's Pumping Song 2:33
20.  Cortette (Beethoven 9) 0:44
21.  Cortette (Beethoven3) 0:28
22.  Cortette (Bizet) 0:40
23.  Cortette (Beethoven Violin Concerto) 0:27
24.  Cortette (Brahms) 0:42
25.  Cortette (Tchaikovsky - Berlioz) 0:47
26.  Cortette (Wagner) 0:46
27.  Cortette (Prokofieff) 0:22
28.  Cortette (Beethoven 4) 0:31
29.  Cortette (Bach Hornpipe) 0:27
30.  Cortette (Handel) 0:44
31.  Cortette (Strauss) 0:54
32.  Cortette (Chopin) 0:53
33.  Cortette (Chopin again) 0:37
34.  Cortette (Colonel Bergy) 1:07
35.  Cortette (Praetorius) 0:49
36.  Cortette (Grainger) 0:59
37.  Cortette (Kreisler) 1:24
38.  Scherzo Prestissimo [octet] (Borodin, Stanhope) 2:19


David Stanhope has been writing music for brass ensembles for over 30 years. This music is performed widely and is a favourite of brass players around the world.

Sydney Brass is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with the release of this recording. It has been performing and promoting brass ensembles in a variety of settings for 50 years, having been established by the Sydney Symphony's long-time, now-retired tuba player, Cliff Goodchild. He has passed the reins to his son, trumpeter Paul Goodchild.

An ensemble of the best brass players on the Australian eastern seaboard has been gathered to make this CD, and the performances are "verging on ideal " according to the composer.. The recording was made in the clear and supportive acoustic of City Recital Hall in Angel Place, Sydney. The works range from techically terrifying trombone quartets, to fanfares written for and first performed at recent Olympic Games' ceremonies,, to large ensemble works involving the addition of percussion. Stanhope's writing for brass is Graingeresque, with an ear for melody and a deftness of writing that really suits brass instruments.

Included as a bonus are some recordings from Stanhope’s personal archive in which he multi-tracked (with seriously ancient technology) french horn quartets and octets, many of which have been published and are tackled regularly by horn players round the world. The virtuosity required to perform these works is legendary. To hear Stanhope performing them is an astounding experience. 

Reviews: International Trumpet Guild Journal review by Peter Wood (January, 2009)
Sydney Morning Herald review by Meldi Arkinstall (July, 2008)
Links: Mixed Dozen featuring Paul Goodchild 

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