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After the Deluge (2003)
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CD Code: MD3272
Composer: Cezary Skubiszewksi
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After the Deluge (2003)
Composer: Cezary Skubiszewksi
Starring: David Wenham, Hugo Weaving
Directed by: Brendan Maher


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Track Listing: 1.  Deluge Opening Credits 1.35
2.  Beautiful Name 3.26
3.  Detail Examination 2.40
4.  Wicklow Lament 1.34
5.  Love at War 5.30
6.  Lament 1.56
7.  Laudate Dominum (Mozart) 4.19
8.  Dancing in the Pool 2.27
9.  The Battle 2.32
10.  I Don't Want to Be Married to You 1.58
11.  Meditation from Thais (Massenet) 5.03
12.  Intimacy 2.03
13.  Maggie in Scotland 1.30
14.  The Angel 2.16
15.  The Last Kiss 1.08
16.  Café Reggae 3.08
17.  Flirting 2.10
18.  "Music, Spread Thy Voice Around" from Solomon (Handel) 3.41
19.  Wicklow Lament End Credits 4.05


"After the Deluge" (2003) is a miniseries about 4 men - a father and his three sons. The father is in a nursing home suffering Alzheimer's, often living in his past. The memories of the war, a love affair, and his relationships with his sons, are connected by music. In some instances it is the only way the three children can connect with the father, who was also a classical violinist. The score is mostly classically orchestral, often featuring the violin. Some tracks have classical references or are of classical pieces, and a couple of tracks are more contemporary, featuring pop sounds. When the father and his eldest son connect, the classical violin and electric guitar come together in an intriguingly eclectic manner, representing the old and the new. 

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