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CD Code: LIBCD50812
Composer: Burkhard Dallwitz
Price: Deleted
Composer: Burkhard Dallwitz
Starring: Catherine McClements, Liz Burch, Carmen Duncan and Aaron Blabey


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Dance Me to the End of Love [intro]
2.  Man Overboard
3.  Bury Me Deep in Love
4.  Quasimodo's Dream
5.  Crash Burn [score]
6.  At First Sight
7.  This is the Girl
8.  Addicted to Bass
9.  Outback [score]
10.  London Still
11.  Lock It
12.  Try Not to Try
13.  Foreplay [score]
14.  Nothing New
15.  She Speaks a Different Language [Bilingual Mix]
16.  Relief [score]
17.  Unsent Letter
18.  Splendid Lie
19.  Dark Forest
20.  Betrayal [score]
21.  Beautiful World
22.  Goodbye Angel
23.  Divorce Procession [score]
24.  Dance Me to the End of Love [finale]

  Also available by Burkhard Dallwitz:  The Caterpillar Wish.

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