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Dad and Dave: On Our Selection
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: 1M1CD1028
Composer: Peter Best
Price: Deleted
Dad and Dave: On Our Selection
Composer: Peter Best
Starring: Joan Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush, Noah Taylor and Leo McKern
Directed by: George Whaley


Front Cover of CD
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Track Listing: 1.  Prologue 2.49
2.  "On Our Selection" 2.49
3.  Who's Dave Seeing? 1.15
4.  Dave Practices his Dancing 0.34
5.  "Wouldn't You Like to Make Hay?" 1.20
6.  Conversation Lollies 1.11
7.  "Our Little Bush Home" 2.27
8.  Jack Kills His Father 2.40
9.  "When the Ship Comes In" (concertina version) 1.12
10.  "My Little Concertina" 2.45
11.  "When the Ship Comes In" 1.56
12.  "Paddy O'Hehir" 1.53
13.  Mrs Peterson's Bones 1.37
14.  What Do Foxes Look Like? 0.39
15.  Joe Calculates the Profit 2.13
16.  "Country Life" 2.30
17.  Only 30 Pounds! 0.52
18.  What Does a Farmer Do? 0.31
19.  "It's a Glorious Life in the Bush" 1.33
20.  Kate Comes Home 1.35
21.  The Night We Watched for Wallabies 1.20
22.  "If You Vote for Me" 1.44
23.  My Dad! 0.22
24.  "Champion of the Ordinary Bloke" 2.10
25.  Joe Proposes a Toast 0.35
26.  "My Little Concertina" (bridal waltz version) 3.00
27.  Finale 4.19
28.  On Our Selection Medley 19.11


This soundtrack release is a manufactured CDR. Although it is not ‘replicated’, this is a legally licensed and manufactured CD, to which all international copyrights law apply. It is illegal to copy, dub or replicate this CD in any manner or fomat without the express permission of the copyright owner, 1M1 Records.


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