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Against The Wind
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: RED06099
Composer: Mario Millo / Jon English
Price: Deleted
Against the Wind (1978)
Composer: Mario Millo / Jon English
Starring: Jon English and Mary Larkin
Directed by: George Miller and Simon Wincer


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Against the Wind 2.35
2.  Seeds of Fire 6.03
3.  Unfinished Theme 3.04
4.  Six Ribbons 2.07
5.  Mary's Theme 4.04
6.  The March of the King of Laois 3.52
7.  Waltz Theme 5.25
8.  Six Ribbons 3.14
9.  Dinny and Ngilgi 2.16
10.  Main Theme 3.21
11.  Death of Liberty 8.31


This is a re-release of the earlier AGAINST THE WIND soundtrack (of which the images are shown here). The cover and back slick are different to the image we show, but the tracks are the same. 

  Also available by Mario Millo / Jon English:  The Lighthorsemen, Shame / Lighthorsemen, G.P., Changi and Brides Of Christ.

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