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June, 2002

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Welcome to 1M1 Records' June newsletter.

Providing other Australian soundtrack recordings, from other labels, to customers has proved to have a big demand. Therefore we'll keep making these CD soundtracks available to you. If you have other Australian soundtracks you want, but can't get your hands on, drop me an email, and I'll see if they're deleted or available through 1M1's contacts and resources.

1M1 Records' new release this month is "Dad and Dave On Our Selection". The soundtrack features not only some of the background score by Peter Best, but songs written by Peter Best which featured in the film, and which could also be heard in the background.

Also in this month's newsletter is information about what is new on the website this month, and upcoming releases.

We look forward to seeing you back here for July's newsletter. Please continue to send me feedback which is always welcome. info@1m1.com.au

Philip Powers.

June New Release

Peter Best's score for the feature film "Dad and Dave On Our Selection" is this month's release. This 1995 film earned Peter Best his third Best Original Score award at the Australian equivalent of the Oscars. This is the third film based on "On Our Selection".

The first was a silent film in 1920 directed by Raymond Longford, and the second in 1932 by Ken G. Hall. This third filming of these famous stories about the Rudds, however, was inspired by the stage version directed by George Whaley in 1979, and his tireless vision to make it into a feature film finally came to fruition in 1995 when Mel Gibson's "Icon" company agreed to co-finance the film with the Australian Film Finance Corporation and Anthony Buckley Films.

Conceived with songs, and as a tribute to the old fashioned elements of early Australian filmmaking, with many stories revolving around the Rudd family, it focuses on subjects like the early Australian battlers on the land, and the effect of drought, bank loans, squatters and the coming of the railway on these Aussie battlers. Peter Best's music captures a happy folk-like feel in this period romantic comedy, which is full of good-natured Aussie subjects like 'Country Life', and Dad's attempt to run for political office ("You Can Vote for Me").

Famous opera singer Joan Sutherland was convinced to play Mother Rudd, Leo McKern brought considerable energy to Dad, and Geoffrey Rush got one of his earliest film-starring breaks after years on the stage, as Dave. His next film, "Shine", made him a worldwide star when he won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as David Helfgott.


Recent Soundtrack Additions to the Website

This month we've got a new Australian soundtrack addition to the site in the More Soundtracks section: Bruce Rowland's award-winning music for "The Man From Snowy River". This score is one of the classics from Australian cinema for one of the biggest Australian box office hits ever.

Shock Records have now deleted Mario Millo's score for one of the CDs we put on the website last month, the drama "G.P.", according to my information locally. As this has now been removed from their catalogue in Australia it may be very difficult to obtain.

"Against the Wind" is still in stock, however. "The Potato Factory" score by Carl Vine is still available in the More Soundtracks section, and Paul Kelly's score for "Lantana" is back in stock as well, as is Alan John's score for "The Bank".

The 1M1 Records Website

Current Releases; which are still being manufactured.


More Soundtracks; previously released titles which are still available, including titles previously released by 1M1 Records which are no longer being manufactured, and brand new CDs of other soundtracks which 1M1 has in its stocks, like Mario Millo's "The Lighthorsemen", Brian May's popular award-winning Grand Guignol horror score "Thirst", and Peter Best's "The Leaving of Liverpool". Bruce Rowland's "The Man From Snowy River" can be found here, as well as John Morris's original score for "Scarlett". Robert Folk's great score for "Beastmaster 2", Leonard Rosenman's "Keeper of the City" and Mark Snow's "In the Line of Duty" are also here.


Collectors Items; rare 1M1 CDs priced in the premium range because of the difficulty in sourcing them, containing 1M1 CDs like "Devil in the Flesh / We of the Never Never", "Roadgames / Patrick", "Race for the Yankee Zephyr / The Survivor" and "Harlequin / The Day After Halloween": items which have very few soundtracks left in stock and are quite unlikely to become available again in the foreseeable future.


Secondhand Titles; soundtrack releases from anywhere in the world which 1M1 currently has in stock, containing quite a few bargain-priced excellent condition soundtrack CDs for sale, including several Australian film soundtracks. More titles will be added to this section as the page is updated each month. There is only one copy of many of these titles, however, so not all orders will be able to be filled immediately. Two additions to this site this month are Trevor Jones' score for "Arachnophobia" (this is the score CD, not the song CD) and George Fenton's score for the BBC television series, presented by David Attenborough, "The Trials of Life".


New and Upcoming Releases

"Dad and Dave On Our Selection"

Simon Walker's orchestral score for "Annie's Coming Out" was out last month on the heels of "The Celluloid Heroes" by Nigel Westlake, which has been very successful for us. Brian May's score for "The True Story of Eskimo Nell" and Bruce Smeaton's score for "The Great MacArthy" are still scheduled to come out this year. Bruce Smeaton's "Summerfield" and "Eliza Fraser" are also slated for release now. Some of the masters for these films are nearly 30 years old, and either need urgent attention or restoration. Sometimes the hardest thing is locating the best possible source material for these scores - even harder than getting the licence. The process, however, of restoring the previously unreleased orchestral score for "Bliss" by Peter Best is ongoing.

Recent Scoring Assignments

Garry McDonald and Laurie McDonald have continued to score the series "The Lost World", which has just gone into a break for 3 months.

Last year they completed a big orchestral score for a U.S. action telemovie called "Counterstrike", and they've also completed 13 episodes of a children's series called "Cybergirl". Outside of their normal area of scoring, it was what Garry describes as "full-on techno and quite different for us."

This leaves them continuing on with their other projects, including "Inspector Gadget 2", as music supervisors/editors. Disney are bringing Chris Hajian from New York to Australia to record the score in July/August.

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