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Grendel Grendel Grendel
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CD Code: 1M1CD1033
Composer: Bruce Smeaton
Price: Deleted
Grendel Grendel Grendel
Composer: Bruce Smeaton
Conductor: Bruce Smeaton
Starring: Peter Ustinov (voice of Grendel), Julie McKenna (voice of Grendel's Mother), Keith Michell (voice of The Shaper) and Arthur Dignam (voice of The Dragon)
Directed by: Alexander Stitt


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Track Listing: 1.  Prologue (spoken by Phillip Adams) 4.32
2.  Tuesday morning. Scandanavia. 515 AD; A Song for Grendel sung by His Mother 6.45
3.  Thursday Afternoon; The Revenge of Wiglaf 2.24
4.  The Shaper's Song sung by The Shaper 3.17
5.  The Strangers 1.14
6.  The Occasion of Consolidating the Realm sung by The Shaper 3.15
7.  Appeasing the King of the Gods 2.52
8.  The Dragon's Song sung by The Dragon 2.40
9.  The Religious Sacrifice 1.35
10.  Montage, A Passing Decade; The Apple-Fight 2.25
11.  Grendel's Soliloquy, Poor Me sung by Grendel 3.26
12.  We Know a Lovely Monster sung by The Shaper 1.55
13.  The Dragon's Riddle 1.40
14.  The Final Evening 3.14
15.  Attacking the Castle 4.42
16.  End Titles 0.56


Includes an 8 page booklet featuring an overview of the animated film's story and imagery.

Alexander Stitt's animated film "Grendel Grendel Grendel" is based on the 1971 novel by John Gardner who adapted and expanded the classic, centuries-old poem, "Beowulf".

Along with composer Bruce Smeaton, and a cast of actors including Peter Ustinov, Julie McKenna, Keith Michell and Arthur Dignam, they have breathed life into this classic tale. As director Alexander Stitt himself wrote about Grendel, we didn't know much about him in the original poem, except that he "lives beneath a lake with his Mum and eats people."

- Philip Powers

Reviews: Music From The Movies review by Andrew Keech (April, 2004)
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