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CD Code: 74321552332
Composer: Neil McGrath
Price: Deleted
Redball (1999)
Composer: Neil McGrath
Starring: Belinda McClory, John Brumpton, Frank Magree, Peter Docker, Anthea Davis, Neil Pigot and Robert Morgan
Directed by: Jon Hewitt


Front Cover of CD
Back Cover of CD

Track Listing: 1.  Burnt by the Sound (G.Capovski) - KISMET
2.  "I Joined the Service"
3.  Rock City (Seltmann/Chater/McQuilten/DiBlasi) - THE AVALANCHES
4.  Nothing Else (Smallman/Hunt/Skinner) - bZARK
6.  Crazy (H. Cowan) - CORDRAZINE
7.  The Goddess Has Time (J. Silbersher) - HOSS
8.  "Jesus you bastards are the limit"
9.  Ton of Bricks (Link McLennan) - THE MEANIES
10.  I Closed My Eyes (D. Creese) - THE DUMB EARTH
11.  I Thank You (The Powder Monkeys) - THE POWDER MONKEYS
12.  Mainlanders (Ricaine) - RICAINE
13.  "Detective is it true?"
14.  A Broken Machine (P. Fenton) - CROW
15.  Blue Sky (P. Nihill) - PHILIPPA NIHILL
16.  "So nothing phases you?"
17.  New Song Number 2 (Dik/Buttery/Brenchley/Leadbeater) - S:BAHN
18.  Whitey Trickstar (GBVG) - GBVG [From the album "Whitey Trickstar"]


This is not a mint CD but it is in good condition. 

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