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He Died with a Felafel in his Hand (2001)
No Longer Available For Order
CD Code: 334082
Composer: Various
Price: Deleted
He Died with a Felafel in his Hand (2001)
Composer: Various
Starring: Noah Taylor & Emily Hamilton
Directed by: Richard Lowenstein


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Track Listing: 1.  Golden Brown
2.  Buy Me a Pony
3.  Muriel's Wedding
4.  Run On
5.  Ya Ya Ringe Ringe Raja
6.  Always on My Mind
7.  The Secret Weapon
8.  Dr. Who (Cybermen Remix)
9.  Frigid...Uptight...Cold...Icy
10.  La Valse
11.  La Dolce Vita
12.  Solstice Chant
13.  Tomorrow Belongs to Me
14.  The Passenger
15.  Miss Sarajevo
16.  It's the Police Sammy
17.  The Mercy Seat (Live)
18.  Everloving
19.  I Have Something to Declare
20.  Man Overboard
21.  Drive
22.  The Human Germ
23.  And Don't Eat the Felafel
24.  Into My Arms
25.  There's Just One More Thing
26.  California
27.  Aulde Lang Syne

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