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The Flying Doctors
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CD Code: 1M1CD1015
Composer: Garry McDonald / Laurie Stone
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The Flying Doctors
Composer: Garry McDonald / Laurie Stone
Conductor: Garry McDonald
Starring: Andrew McFarlane, Lenore Smith, Liz Burch, Robert Grubb
Film Notes: This popular music score is for one of Australia's biggest ever television exports.  


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Track Listing: 1.  The Flying Doctors 1.24
2.  Geoff and Kate 2.38
3.  Situation Critical 2.41
4.  Requiem for a Child 2.12
5.  The Rodeo 1.20
6.  Tom Says Goodbye 2.33
7.  Mayday! 2.01
8.  Vic Goes to Town 0.52
9.  The Tender Side 2.20
10.  Homeward Bound 1.07
11.  Rowie's Secret 1.43
12.  Malfunction 1.38
13.  Pensive Violet 1.05
14.  Tom and Chris 1.30
15.  Go Johnno! 1.36
16.  Race Against Time 1.44
17.  More Than Friend 2.20
18.  Mercy Dash 2.45
19.  Way Out West 1.02
20.  Leaving Town 2.16
21.  Flight Over Coopers Crossing 1.15
22.  Farewell Chris 2.22
23.  Danger From Within 1.52
24.  A Bad Day 1.43
25.  Round-up 1.15
26.  Liz From New York 1.33
27.  Storm Front 1.45
28.  Echoes From Yesterday 2.01
29.  Jackie and Guy 1.04
30.  Melbourne Connection 1.18
31.  Nomad in Trouble 1.15
32.  Life and Death 2.05
33.  Runaway Truck 1.44
34.  The Reunion 1.08


The Flying Doctors television series is still running in over fifty countries around the world and is hugely popular in Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and England. Around the world there are many hundreds of websites which pay homage to this series and the music.

Composers Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone were astonished when they came across the first rough cut of The Flying Doctors to discover television which was shot in the style of a major feature film. It was quite apparent to them initially that much of the action involved on-screen relationships, and that the music would move between sensitive and intimate musical treatments, as well as music which illustrated the wonderful landscape of the Australian outback, the dynamic aerial footage, and the heightened emotions of the struggle between life and death.

A full orchestra was used to realise this range of sounds and emotions, including a large contingent of orchestral strings, from which was drawn music of the series' emotion and drama. This was unusual and expensive for television drama, but certainly made for a memorable soundtrack recording.

- Philip Powers 

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